Cottage Grove Hockey Association

2018-19 Traveling Jersey Number Registration


Welcome to the Cottage Grove Hockey Association Jersey Number Registration

This registration will allow you to request your player's hockey jersey number.

Once Players number is secured then player will have the same number every year in CGHA for remainder of traveling level hockey.

The purpose of this number selection process is to eliminate duplicate jersey numbers on the same team as players move up within the program.  Additionally this eliminates the need to purchase a new jersey due to number collision. 

Players who skated last season 2018-19 at the

traveling level (Squirts / Girls u10 and up)

do NOT have to continue this registration.

Players who already purchased a jersey last season (2018-19) Jersey numbers have already been secured and carried over automatically from season to season.

Goalies Do NOT have to continue this registration.

Goalies are exempt from number selection process and are not required to register player number.


If you have any questions, please contact the director:

Jersey & Apparel Director

Jersey & Apparel Director